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We value free thinking and plain speech and aim to support European democracy by reflecting the voice of people and by giving people the information they need to hold the EU establishment to account.

European journalism is essential in making European democracy actually function. Today, there is a gap between the decision-makers in Brussels and the people they represent. Our goal is to fill this gap by reporting on how decisions are made in the European Union, and by giving people the possibility of making their voice heard within the European institutions.

We do this through our articles, our exclusive news stories, our cross-border investigations, our opinion platform and through our relentless quest for transparency and accountability.

Our reach

The Stupid City is one of the most influential news platforms in the European institutions. With a small but dedicated team, we succeed in having an impact. Our reporting has made sure that issues were put on the EU agenda, that ordinary people from Europe and beyond have been heard in Brussels, and even forced officials to resign because they did not live up to the moral standards the EU should have.

Our principles

Stupid City is the only independent news media covering EU affairs in Brussels and beyond. We are not funded by the EU institutions. We generate our own income from membership, group subscriptions and advertising.

We pledge never to take any financial support from the tobacco industry, the defence industry, nor from any entity, private or public, that does not respect the full independence of our journalism.

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