Challenges the Digital Media Industry is Facing Today

Growing at a “too fast” pace comes with its own set of disadvantages, and that’s probably what we are seeing with the digital marketing industry.

While digital marketing has actually turned out to be something that’s transforming the way businesses market their products and services, it seems to have got to the point where its growth is leading to challenges that can often be hard to deal with.

Kartikeya Sharma iTV, a well-known name in the Indian media industry, walks us through some of the most worrying challenges.

Too much clutter

As the digital marketing industry grows, the number of digital marketing service providers grow as well. And while that may not really be a problem per se, but what is definitely a problem is that people and companies not qualified enough as digital marketers, too, enter the field due to just being attracted by the industry’s growth.

This is precisely what has been a reason for the kind of cluttered market it has become lately. If you’re a business looking for the right digital marketing service, there’s quite a possibility you will end up going with the wrong options the first couple times before finding one that fit the bill well for your business.

Too dynamic

Any industry that adopts from time to time is believed to be a sign of a healthy industry; however, when an industry changes so fast that it often doesn’t give enough time for the people involved to learn to adapt to the changes, it becomes a problem.

We have been seeing things change on a monthly basis in the digital marketing world, and it’s definitely turning out to be hard to keep up with.

Lack of skilled workforce

As it’s so hard to keep up with all the changes that keep getting introduced out of nowhere, there are not many employees in the industry that can be considered “reliable” for a digital marketing job.

This has apparently led to a significant lack of qualified workforce in the industry.

How to Grow Your Business Faster?

If you’re thinking of expanding a new business you may have recently started, know that you may have just as much work to do as you did when starting it. This is because expanding for a new business was and will always be very challenging, what with the limited capital, increased instability and the more and more demanding role that must be played by the founder.

But entrepreneurs like Anand Mishra Indian entrepreneur have did it. And you can do it too. So if you’re ready for the struggle, here are a few tips to make things much easier for you.

Focusing on Your Current Customers

Growing your business doesn’t have to mean you should shift your focus completely on getting new customers. In fact, your old customers are much more likely to be your “new” customers again, if you have something relevant to offer.

So before you go marketing to gain new customers, you might as well want to get in touch with your old customers and asking if they would be interested in your new product or service.
This may help you get a good few clients right off the bat, putting you be in a much better position to make your expansion plans successful.

Researching the Target Market Carefully

Not all target markets are alike. Just because you were successful in serving your first target market well doesn’t mean you will naturally be successful in your other target markets.

This is because there may be many factors that differ greatly. The competition, the nature of the customers and their expectations, the regulations in that particular area and so on.
So make sure you do enough research to understand the target market well instead of having the same approach to it as your initial target market.

Utilizing Digital Marketing

While we are not against traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing is turning out to be a much more effective – both with respect to gaining new customers and the costs involved – as a way of marketing. It would probably be a mistake to not utilize it and instead spending heavily on traditional ways of marketing.

Benefits of the Nursery Rhymes

The nursery rhymes are often taught to children at very small age. Usually, the rhymes are based on specific stories easily understandable in form of verses. These rhymes are very liked by babies and have numerous benefits. The rhymes are very short, easy to memorize with even short repetition. The rhymes sound so good when read in some specific tune.

When repeating the rhyme continuously, your baby might be aware of sounds such as phonemes. The rhymes are well organized i.e. similar type of sounds are heard. The rhymes are a source of increasing speech skills of babies. The kids are able to develop language skills as well. The rhymes can make your children love the books.

The rhymes can develop the sense of listening in your children. The rhymes might open the mind of your child to create own stories or rhymes.

The nursery rhymes are a source of opportunity for your children to learn good things as these rhymes are mostly based on good habits etc. The rhymes will make your child social because these rhymes are often sung in a group. The social life of your baby might be improved and communication skills will gradually get better. The rhymes are also the source of learning history as some rhymes are based on the events that happened in past. The nursery rhymes have a great importance in the life of every child.

What are some tips for online businesses?

Technology and the advancements made has changed and affected our lives greatly in every aspect. Most of the sectors are increasingly becoming heavily dependent on the use of technology and some of the sectors are: education, business, healthcare etc. If we take a look at the business sector, most of the businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet to promote through advertising their business to get more clients in order to build and increase the client base. If you are someone who wants to know about some tips for online businesses, then you have come to the right place to look for the relevant information. This article will take a look at some tips for online businesses.

What are some tips for online businesses?

This section will take a look at some tips for online businesses. Online businesses use various methods such as social media marketing, blogging etc. as a marketing strategy. There are many new services and applications used for earning money online, such as:  push button money maker, freelancing, web designing etc. These can be used to make the money to save for investing in a business.

A look at some tips for facebook page:

This section will take a look at some tips for facebook page improvement for your business. These tips for improvement are mentioned below:

  • Many businesses don’t add a clear cover photo for their business and this proves to be a mistake. When a facebook user visits any facebook page, the first thing they will take a look at is the cover photo and the profile picture of the page. Therefore, if you are looking to create a good lasting impression on the facebook users who visit your page, you will need to put up a good, visible and interesting picture which catches the attention of the facebook user. However, you need to make sure that the cover photo that you are going to use for your facebook page should not infringe copyright and it should not be misleading or deceptive. Always use a profile photo of better resolution.
  • Make sure you complete the “about section” of your facebook page with relevant information. This is because if the about section is not complete or has got vague information, it can lead to decreased traffic to your page.
  • Make sure you follow a well-planned strategy for posting any post on your facebook page. This is very important. Three can be different types of posts on Facebook which are: links, text updates and photo. Make sure you use relevant photos such as original photos or similar photo to the business niche. In the case of posting links, make sure you use a URL that can be easily tracked. To do this, you can use services such as or you can also use Pretty link to enable and this way you will increase the number of visitors to your link site.

How to build a WordPress site?

This section will take a look at how to build a WordPress site for any business. These steps are mentioned below:

  • To create a WordPress site, first, you need know the difference between and Word is free for use and it is an open source software package. While is a type of service which offers WordPress run websites. Users are able to sign up for free and after that get a completely functioning website. However, the user will be able to use as a sub-domain only.
  • After signing up with, you will then need to outline the content of your site. Write down the relevant information and the pages that are required.
  • After that, you will be able to insert pages to your word press website. You will be able to insert any page or even images as well.
  • You will need to make sure that your site, i.e. website is configured to use a static home page. And this is because the new word press website always defaults to a blog view.
  • There are various different free and priced themes online on word press. You will be able to select from a range of themes. These themes can also be changed later on. You will also be able to get a preview of the theme. For your business, choose a professional theme.
  • You need to create a suitable menu for your website. Your menu will make sure that the visitors can navigate the website easily.
  • After setting up the website, each word press website will have a dashboard, through which the user will be able to change any settings or configuration of the website.

A look at how beacon technology has changed the way we shop?

Technology has advanced in a great pace in the 21st century and this advancement of technology has affected our daily lives in a great deal. Technology has changed the education sector, business sector, industries and also the way we shop. Yes! Indeed it did! The way we used to shop 10-15 years ago has changed a great deal compared to the present time. If you are looking to find out how technology has affected the way we shop, then you have come to the right place. This article will take a look at how beacon technology has changed the way we shop.

Online shopping has got a lot of benefit. One can simply sit at home and purchase various types of items. For example: one may want to purchase shoes. It is easy to purchase shoes that are either: best shoes for standing on concrete all day, shoes that are slip resistance or even best comfortable shoes according to the preference and with the click of a mouse.

How technology has changed the way we shop?

10-15 years ago, the concept of the new technologies that are available today didn’t exist back then. These technologies help to make the customers’ shopping experience smooth and hassle free. This section will take a look at the different types of technologies that has changed the way we shop. This section will show that how beacon technology has changed the ways we shop are listed below for you to read:

  • Beacons: Beacon is one type of technology that has been recently developed to enhance the shopping experience. Beacon technology has made any customer’s shopping a lot more personal and hassle free. When a customer downloads the beacon app and enters a store, the phone buzzes with a welcome message from the store where the customer is shopping. Well this is not only restricted to welcome messages but also to promotional offers, coupons etc. Now day’s retailers are increasing in numbers who are considering communicating with the customers through such apps and engaging the customer according to their location and also take a look at the customers’ digital shopping list.
  • Now these messages, coupons, promotional offers etc are delivered through special software that is known as beacon. So you may be wondering, what is this beacon? Well beacon is a type of technology that effectively uses low energy Bluetooth to look for certain and integrated mobile apps and then through this searching, they can send any required messages, coupons or promotional offers etc. to the prospective customers’ cell phone or other mobile devices. The goal of this service is to increase the driving traffic and also the sales of the shop. Many well known retailers such as Macy are testing with this new technology to reach out to more customers. Also this technology not only helps the customers’ with the ease of shopping but also businesses are able to increase their client base by reaching out to more customers. Many retailers choose to reward the customers with loyalty points as soon as they visit the shop and this is an automatic process. This technology is also quite transformational and it acts as a wake up the apps if the customers forget to open up the app when the customer enters the shop. The retailers through these mobile apps will also remind the customers with their digital shopping list of whether they forgot to purchase any item from the list or how many more items are left for purchasing. This can be quite helpful because, many people tend to forget their shopping list at home because of hurrying.
  • Recent research has been carried out that shows that customers who has got the app with beacon triggered notification that appears on the screen as soon as they enter the store has increased the number of customers purchasing from that specific store. Although beacon technology is in its pilot phase, it certainly has caught the attention of the retailers. This is because, as already mentioned, retailers are constantly looking for various methods to help them get more customer base so that these customers can visit the store and purchase the items with increasing the sale of the retailer. When the sales increase the retailer will of course make more profit.
  • One may think- well what if I don’t want to view the message and will I still be forced to check the message that appeared on my cell phone because of the beacon technology? Well, of course not! Beacon not only provides ease to the retailer but also to the customers as well. In such cases, customers have got an option. If the customer is visiting a store and the message from the retailer pops up on the screen, reminding about the shopping list or any recipe or furniture that the customer may want to check out, the customer will be able to politely decline the message by dismissing it or clicking on the message to read it. Although sometimes it may get bit annoying if too many of the messages starts to appear on the device screen.

How to start your own business?

 There are many who constantly look for job but are unable to do so even if they have the required qualification due to no vacancy and extreme competition. However, there are many who look forward to start their own business. So why should you even start your own business and what are the benefits? Well, there are a lot of benefits available for those who are looking forward to start their own business. Some countries such as USA provide lots of equal opportunities in work and business, which is popularly termed as the American dream. If you are someone who is looking to start your own business and you came across this article to look for some relevant information to help you, then you have come to the right place! This article will take a look at how to start your own business.

A look at starting a business:

As mentioned already, there are many benefits of starting your own business. In the current times, there are not sufficient job vacancies for the huge number of graduating students. You can start your own business and create job vacancies for these graduates. You will be able to contribute to your local and national economy through your business. There are many other great reasons to start your own business. First of all, you will be able to be your own boss and also work flexibly. Business can also be started from home and there are also many businesses that don’t require much funding to get started. The possibilities are huge and this article will also take a look at these possibilities as well.

If you are worried about funding and haven’t got any funding, nothing to worry about! One option is outsourcing to earn money online. You need to have some skills such as: writing, web design, technical writing, data entry etc. to earn a lot of money online through various websites.

Some great reasons to start your own business:

This section will take a look at some of the great reasons to start your own business and these reasons are listed below:

  • You will be able to remove the uncertainty from your life. Many of us tend to do the 9-5 jobs as these jobs tend to make us feel secured with monthly payment. But there is also a fear of doing a 9-5 job and that is that company laying off people to reduce their costs or upgrading. This is not there if you plan to start your own business, however scary it may seem. Yes, definitely there are risks involved while starting the business, but it is all worth it.
  • When you plan to start your own business, chances are you will start a business in an area that you are passionate about. Therefore, whenever you wake up, you are always ready to go for work and face the challenges.
  • You will create a lot of space for the work force. Currently there is a problem with unemployment and starting your own business will help these unemployed graduates. Also not only that, you will be able to contribute effectively to the national and local economy through your business, which is not much possible through the regular 9-5 jobs.
  • You will be able to create your own work life balance that suits your daily lifestyle.

How to start your own business?

This section, how to start your own business will take a look at how to start your own business. There are some steps that are quite important and you need to consider. These steps are mentioned below:

Step1: First of all, you need to make sure which field or sector your business will be about. What are you passionate about? Are you a great cook, who wants to start a new restaurant? Or you love fashion and you are looking forward to start your own clothing line? The choices are vast that you can choose from.

Step2: Then you need to make an effective business plan about the business that you are going to start. There are a variety of tools and resources available that can help you with creating a business plan.

Step3: you need to learn about various business methods, such as marketing, handling finance etc. There are many guides available online that can effectively help you with this step. Also you need to research about the business niche that you are planning to start etc.

Step4: Then you will need to select a perfect location for your business. Most people prefer business location to be in the center of the city or major business hub as it will helps the business to create bigger customer base and also have better access to amenities nearby to flourish the business.

Step5: You will need to find a source to fund your business and also determine the legal structure of your business.

Step6: You will need to register your business with a name and also register for local taxes and state and also you will need to obtain license and permit for your business.

Step7: You will need to hire employees.


A look at STEM Education and its importance

The acronym for STEM is Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A huge list of subjects falls into the STEM group. STEM degrees are very popular and pursued by most students. There is an importance of education related to STEM. STEM degrees are available through both traditional degree university and online university. If you are someone wants to know about the STEM education and its importance, then you have come to the right place to look for the relevant information. This article will take a look at STEM education and its importance.

A look at STEM education and its importance:

  • STEM degrees are very popular because of the wide career path they offer to the students who decides to pursue STEM degrees. In fact, careers that are related to the STEM field are the fastest growing and also they are best paid in the 21st Another reason for its popularity is that STEM subjects play a very important role in the multiple levels in our society and also our daily lives and it is obvious that these STEM subjects have a great deal of impact. If we take a look at various industries, we will how much STEM subjects have influence in them. If we take an example of the urban development, architecture and city planning relies heavily on mathematics, while medical science, which is too relies heavily on STEM disciplines such as biology, chemistry, biophysics etc. Also if we take a look at environment efforts such as sustainable energy, renewable energy and nuclear power also relies heavily on the sciences. Currently there is a huge shortage in the field of STEM.
  • Stem job usually requires one to have at least a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree. This requirement varies from one job to another. Many STEM job will also require one to have bachelor’s degree or higher level degrees such as master’s degree or PhD.
  • To increase more graduates of STEM to fulfill the shortage of STEM related jobs, a lot of initiatives are being taken by many countries. Many countries are blending in STEM subjects and their importance to young students at school and encouraging them to take up the STEM subjects and enhancing their math and science skills and knowledge.
  • For elementary schools- Introductory level of basic STEM subjects are being introduced. To allow the children to understand and increase their awareness for the STEM occupations and fields, these basic steps provides these young learners with real life problems and inquiry based learning and these steps effectively connect all the four disciplines of STEM. Young learners are taught these basic STEM courses effectively and to make STEM more interesting to them- there’s been an emphasis on putting in school and after school learning opportunities for STEM.
  • Middle school- in the middle school- the STEM courses become quite challenging and also rigorous in nature than the elementary level. The awareness of the STEM fields and its related job is still being created, along with various requirements of academic nature of these fields for the middle school children.
  • High School- here in High school, the courses get more challenging than that of middle school and also the intensity and rigorous courses of the STEM subjects are introduced. A lot of STEM courses and pathways are available to the students. The preparations for the STEM post secondary education and also employments starts for the students. Along with these, in school and after school STEM opportunities are available to the students.
  • The STEM curriculum is being designed so that it becomes an interesting option for the females and also the underrepresented populations. Historically, STEM related fields have had less participation from the underrepresented population and also from the females. Females are also less likely to pursue STEM related subjects in college.

One can search educational websites such as SearchAllIndia® for more information on STEM.

What are some STEM majors in college?

This section will show some of the STEM majors that are popular amongst students in college:

  • Information technology- This College major can prepare the students for a wide range of careers. Students can pursue careers in information security, network architecture etc. The typical entry level degree is bachelor’s degree, while some higher position job may require master’s degree.
  • Computer systems networking and telecommunications- This College major is also popular amongst students as well. This major has ranked third place for the employment opportunity amongst the other majors that are pursued by the students. The typical entry level degree to have a career in the field related to computer systems networking and telecommunications is: associate’s degree.
  • Engineering- This College major is quite hard with tough curriculum but it allows the students to have a versatile career. There are many branches of engineering such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering etc. Typical entry level degree is: bachelor’s degree to PhD degree for some research careers related to engineering.