A look at how beacon technology has changed the way we shop?

Technology has advanced in a great pace in the 21st century and this advancement of technology has affected our daily lives in a great deal. Technology has changed the education sector, business sector, industries and also the way we shop. Yes! Indeed it did! The way we used to shop 10-15 years ago has changed a great deal compared to the present time. If you are looking to find out how technology has affected the way we shop, then you have come to the right place. This article will take a look at how beacon technology has changed the way we shop.

Online shopping has got a lot of benefit. One can simply sit at home and purchase various types of items. For example: one may want to purchase shoes. It is easy to purchase shoes that are either: best shoes for standing on concrete all day, shoes that are slip resistance or even best comfortable shoes according to the preference and with the click of a mouse.

How technology has changed the way we shop?

10-15 years ago, the concept of the new technologies that are available today didn’t exist back then. These technologies help to make the customers’ shopping experience smooth and hassle free. This section will take a look at the different types of technologies that has changed the way we shop. This section will show that how beacon technology has changed the ways we shop are listed below for you to read:

  • Beacons: Beacon is one type of technology that has been recently developed to enhance the shopping experience. Beacon technology has made any customer’s shopping a lot more personal and hassle free. When a customer downloads the beacon app and enters a store, the phone buzzes with a welcome message from the store where the customer is shopping. Well this is not only restricted to welcome messages but also to promotional offers, coupons etc. Now day’s retailers are increasing in numbers who are considering communicating with the customers through such apps and engaging the customer according to their location and also take a look at the customers’ digital shopping list.
  • Now these messages, coupons, promotional offers etc are delivered through special software that is known as beacon. So you may be wondering, what is this beacon? Well beacon is a type of technology that effectively uses low energy Bluetooth to look for certain and integrated mobile apps and then through this searching, they can send any required messages, coupons or promotional offers etc. to the prospective customers’ cell phone or other mobile devices. The goal of this service is to increase the driving traffic and also the sales of the shop. Many well known retailers such as Macy are testing with this new technology to reach out to more customers. Also this technology not only helps the customers’ with the ease of shopping but also businesses are able to increase their client base by reaching out to more customers. Many retailers choose to reward the customers with loyalty points as soon as they visit the shop and this is an automatic process. This technology is also quite transformational and it acts as a wake up the apps if the customers forget to open up the app when the customer enters the shop. The retailers through these mobile apps will also remind the customers with their digital shopping list of whether they forgot to purchase any item from the list or how many more items are left for purchasing. This can be quite helpful because, many people tend to forget their shopping list at home because of hurrying.
  • Recent research has been carried out that shows that customers who has got the app with beacon triggered notification that appears on the screen as soon as they enter the store has increased the number of customers purchasing from that specific store. Although beacon technology is in its pilot phase, it certainly has caught the attention of the retailers. This is because, as already mentioned, retailers are constantly looking for various methods to help them get more customer base so that these customers can visit the store and purchase the items with increasing the sale of the retailer. When the sales increase the retailer will of course make more profit.
  • One may think- well what if I don’t want to view the message and will I still be forced to check the message that appeared on my cell phone because of the beacon technology? Well, of course not! Beacon not only provides ease to the retailer but also to the customers as well. In such cases, customers have got an option. If the customer is visiting a store and the message from the retailer pops up on the screen, reminding about the shopping list or any recipe or furniture that the customer may want to check out, the customer will be able to politely decline the message by dismissing it or clicking on the message to read it. Although sometimes it may get bit annoying if too many of the messages starts to appear on the device screen.